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Our Mission

Tanzania Mwandi Mission is to promote Tanzanian business, marketing, sports, entertainment, education and tourism.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most powerful public relation and advertising company in the country.

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Our History

Tanzania Mwandi Company Limited is the Public Relation and Marketing based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania which was established on 7th June 2011.

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Events Organizing

Tanzania Mwandi is one of the best company in Tanzania which deals with event organizing, public relations, Marketing and online business. We do project management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festival.

Events that we are organizing so far are:

  1. Majimaji Selebuka festival (See More)

This event firstly was held on October 2015 at Songea, Ruvuma Tanzania, whereby the second Majimaji Selebuka is scheled between 28th May to 04th June 2016. The second Majimaji Selebuka festival will consist the followings:

  • School Debates
  • Marathon
  • Cycling
  • Traditional dancers
  • Local tourism
  • Trade Fair and Entrepreneurship


  1. Africa Sports Forum (See More)

It is a sport forum which will be held on August at Zanzibar grounds in Tanzania mainly cover the following topics:

  • Sports governance
  • Sports marketing
  • Disputes and Settlements
  1. East Africa Railway Summit

At first this summit took place on July 2013 at Kigoma Tanzania where by Tanzania Mwandi invite railway stakeholders in order to discuss the challenges that they are facing while struggling to promote railway development.

(East Africa Railway Summit 2013/2014 document)

The second East Africa Railway summit will be conducted on October 2016 at Mwanza, Tanzania.

Public Relations Solution

In today’s world publicity is everything along with quality services or product. This is because there is a big competition in just about every sector, while customers typically decide for brands they are familiar with and which they trust.

Since Tanzania Mwandi is one of them, we do offer the following to our customers as PR specialists

  • Communication with the public
  • Communication of relevant information from the customer
  • Promotion of customer Business
  • Create relationship between targeted audience and the media


In order to present the client in the best manner possible, public relations (PR) has to cover a wide range of areas.


Tanzania Mwandi offers marketing plans in order to create strategies for a client to place advertising to the dedicated consumer.

Online Business

The world is changing now we live in the world of globalization and for that we us it as an opportunity instead by doing online businesses as well.

Online business gives us benefit of having access to millions of customers through our website, blogs and social networks.


  • Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did helping our event be the best it could be. We had the time of our lives! I enjoyed the day so much more knowing you had our backs. Much love!

    Lightness Pancrasia, TechLegend

  • I would like to personally thank you for a job well done! You did an amazing job! Good luck and it was indeed flawless!!!!

    Marcelynn Maguru, Workforce Limited

  • Tanzania Mwandi lives up to its name in every way. I was completely blown away by their excellence in executing our very complex event. Every little detail was taken care of in a superb manner. I have organized events throughout the world, and I can honestly say that Tanzania Mwandi and the team are among the very best in the game--not just in Tanzania, but on a global scale. I would highly recommend them to anyone who seeks to run a world-class event.

    Precious Ngaiza, Liquid Microfinance

  • Thanks so much for providing us with such an enjoyable and memorable corporate event. Many employees said it was 'The Best Ever!'

    Badri Pandey, Delta Dental

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